Karen Hulme Alegi, Esq.

Karen represents clients in all manner of civil litigation cases including domestic relations, business disputes and collections.  In her domestic practice Karen helps her clients through the separation and divorce process.  She negotiates separation and property settlement agreements and represents clients in court.

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Jodi Anderson, Esq., LL.M.

Jodi is a litigation attorney with experience in state and federal courts. She has represented and advised clients in matters as diverse as tortious inference, professional malpractice, family law, and property litigation. Jodi’s practice currently emphasizes civil litigation. Less than 4 years into practicing law, Maryland

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Erick Perla, Esq.

I graduated from the University of Baltimore, School of Law in December, 2015. Prior to law school I attended the University of Maryland, College Park where I received a B.A. in Government & Politics.   In addition to being a partner at Alegi Anderson law firm, I also enjoy advising and representing Authority’s Real Estate Settlement clients. 

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